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Coin Laundromat - Bengaluru's 1'st Self Service Laundromat.

Coin laundromat in association with Dexter Laundry Inc (USA) provides complete turn key solution for commercial laundromat in India which offers Quick , Clean, hygienic and economical laundry service. We offer 'ONE HOUR Laundry Solution'.... Yes now it takes only 60 minutes to get your clothes cleaned....

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  • Wash and 100% Dry clothes in Just 1 Hour.
  • Use of clean drinking water for washing clothes.
  • Wash clothes yourself by using our coin/card self operated washing machines.
  • We give more preference for Hygienic & clean, so no mixing of clothes.
  • We also provide Steam Ironing.

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    Wash & Dry

    Wash and Dry in 1 hour − our #1 goal.

    Yes , more clothes cleaned and dried in only 1 hour than you've ever done before.

    A week's worth of clothes, finished in an hour .Our machines feature the latest for shorter washing and drying times

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    Our all location offers Wash Dry Fold service from 8am to 10:00 pm every day.
    You can drop your clothes off any time and have one of our attendants do your wash for you.
    All your wash will be completed to your specifications, either hung up on hangers or folded neatly and bagged , it is your choice.
    Just drop it off ,and relax, we will do the rest.

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    Self Operated Sevice

    Do your laundry in style and FAST - using our Express Washers.

    You can wash any clothes including Inner garments yourself by using our self operated washing machines .

    Visit your nearest coin laundromat and feel the difference .